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An innovative match gone wrong

Last night on TNA Impact they had a 20-man gauntlet or battle royal in six sides of steel. Now the concept of the match was really awesome but the presentation of the match seemed really bad. There was something about the match that didn’t excite me or capture my attention.

If WWE would have done this match, it would have been all out. They would have chairs, ladders and tables involved somehow. The one thing I cannot stand about TNA is that they try to new and innovative stuff to keep up with WWE but they don’t do it right. If they wanted to do right, they should have had all twenty guys in the ring at the same time. Crazy? Yeah it is but it would made for a better match. I mean it it is ridiculous some of the matches that TNA comes about with. I mean I’ll never forget the Fish Market Street Fight with Shark Boy/Curry Man vs. Dudley’s…Ridiculous. Just when you think TNA has done something good, they do something stupid. That’s my rant on TNA for the day. Hopefully I’ll have some stuff to write about this weekend. I am sure I will. Keep reading and God Bless you all

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