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Hollywood’s Rejects Players of the Week

So this week I lost by one half point which has got me a little crazy. I can’t believe I’ve lost two in a row which now puts me at 1-2 and in seventh place. I am just in shock right now. Here is the final score

Julia’s Jackals (JACK)(1-2) 209
Hollywood’s Rejects (HWOO)(1-2) 208.5

My top pitchers for the week were Armando Gallaraga(been saying that a few times this year already) and Andy Pettite. They both pitched great for me this week. Jair Jurrjens pitched good as well but Pettite and Gallaraga are my top two this week. My top batters for the week should be no surprise and that’s Brandon Inge and Kevin Youkilis. Both had great weeks. Rick Ankiel played great as well for me. I hope to I can get back on my winning ways this week, because my team is a lot better then what they are currently doing. This week I got my good buddy Luke Fischer, and nothing would please me more then to beat him. I’ll be back next Monday with more fantasy baseball stuff.

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