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News and Notes Around Sports

Well here is the rundown of what I got for this morning.

Garry Sheffield signed with the Mets yesterday for a 1 year deal. If the Mets weren’t dangerous as it is already they just added some power to the lineup. Speaking of New York, both teams in New York opened up their new stadiums yesterday and they look wonderful. The season starts Sunday and Monday so it will be a busy day and an exciting day as well. I am looking forward to it.

The Giants released Plaxico yesterday which was the smartest thing they could have done for their franchise. I think it is the distractions by him is what led to the teams downfall. Also Michael Vick thinks he has a plan to get out of bankruptcy and that is to make an NFL salary this year. The judge wasn’t buying it and told him to come up with something better.

The Final Four is tonight and I am so excited for it. I live for sports moments like this. It’s UConn vs. MSU, UNC vs. Villanova. Who would of thought MSU would have made it this far into the tournament. I for one didn’t believe but now I am a believer. Go Spartans Go.

This without a doubt is the best news I heard all season. Allen Iverson is out for the rest of the year with a back injury and is thinking about retiring. All I got say is its about time. When this trade first happened I thought it was for the better but now I am so happy his season has ended. I haven’t seen the Pistons play this bad in a very long time. I’ll be happy when the season is over.

Well that’s all from for now, have a great weekend. It’s going to be action packed and I’ll have a lot to write about the next few days. Have a great weekend and God Bless.

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