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I Love This Game

Last night proved once again that the Bulls and Celtics has instantly become a classic series to remember. They went into three overtimes and now the series is tied 3 games a piece. Ray Allen had 51 points and between him and Paul Pierce they tried everything to win that game. The big story of the game was John Salmons who had 35 points, and rookie Derrick Rose came up with a huge block towards the end of the game to help Chicago win. This game was just absolutely amazing and to quote the commercials for NBA, I love this game. This was one of the more exciting basketball games I’ve seen in a long time. Sitting at Uccello’s in Grand Rapids, made the atmosphere more electric then usual. Most of the people there want to see Boston get knocked off. Either the Celtics are really not the good without Garnett or the Bulls have been sandbagging and better then their 41-41 record they had in the regular season.

All I can say is that tomorrow night at 8pm I will be sitting in front of the TV watching game seven on TNT. If Chicago wins the series they will have so much momentum going into the next round whereas if Boston wins they are going to be so worn out and without Garnett I don’t think they make it past the second round. I could be wrong but I see Chicago winning tomorrow night and giving Chicago more to cheer about. We will have to wait and see what happens tomorrow night. I for one cannot wait.

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