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Lebron James is no King

You know I am so sick of hearing about Lebron James. This last week has been a busy week in sports like the NBA free agency, the MLB All Star Game festivities, the death of Steve McNair and all I keep hearing about is how Lebron James got dunked on by some college kid name Jordan Crawford from Xavier. Apparently their is a video from this dunk and Lebron and Nike have this video and won’t release. Apparently Crawford was wearing James’ Nike brand shoes when this dunk happen. By hiding this video it makes Crawford look amazing and James a schmuck.

This is not the first time Lebron James has been a poor sport about something. He refused to shake hands with the Orlando Magic after the Cavs lost in the Eastern Conference finals. He also refused to talk to the press afterward. He is suppose to be the leader and the face of basketball? I don’t think so. Face it Lebron, you will always be in the shadow of MJ and Kobe. I’ve never like Lebron and these actions further my disliking for him. He’s a poor sport who doesn’t know how to lose graciously.

Finally, I will say this. Lebron and Nike better release this video before the NBA season begins because I can guarantee this. It will plague and haunt him wherever he goes. That’s the only thing that will be on the media’s mind. And Jordan Crawford I cannot wait to see you in the NBA so you can dunk on him again. Until then we will have to wait and see if this video emerges. Only time will tell.

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  1. I don't know Hollywood, Labron is pretty good. I would take in on Detroit. I will admit that he is not MJ, but he does contend with Kobe (I love Kobe also). If anything I am sick of hearing about McNair.

  2. I think is Lebron is a good player in terms of skill but in terms of sportsmanship and other things…he is horrible. He will be 2nd best until Kobe retires and Kobe probably won't retire anytime soon.

  3. I would have to agree with you on this Anaaki. Lebron will not lose any sleep over it, this is another case of the media trying to turn something into nothing. Now, Hollywood, I do agree that he will be 2nd to Kobe for sometime, but Kobe is peaking and Lebron will continue to get better for sometime.

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