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Thoughts on Sports Today

Well I don’t have one particular topic I want to talk about today so I will talk about a few different things going on in sports today. A lot to talk about.

First what the heck is Jeremy Mayfield thinking? I think this might be a first. A NASCAR driver testing positive for drugs. Way to make your mark in history. Since when would a NASCAR driver need drugs, steroids or anything other junk like that. I just think that it is ridiculous. He will probably never race again.

In basketball, Lamar Odom would not accept the Lakers 3 year offer of 9 million a year. He was making 14 million last year and I don’t think he would play hard if he had to take that big a pay cut. Also, Allen Iverson sounds close to signing a deal with the Clippers. Not sure how that one would work out but you never know. There are still a few free agents out there that have not been signed.

Pedro is back!!! Yes Pedro Martinez signed with the Phillies yesterday and should be pitching within two weeks hopefully. Hopefully he can pitch like he use to. Also the Phillies have been in talks about getting Roy Halladay from the Blue Jays. That would be hard to stop them.

And then you have Brett Favre…the guy who can’t make up his mind if he wants to retire or not. He said he will give his answer on the Vikings July 30th. Keep us in suspense why don’t you? I am not sure how I feel about him anymore because he is ruining his legacy.

Well those are my ramblings for the day. Not much else on my brain. I am sure I’ll have more this weekend. Have a great day and enjoy the weather wherever you are at.

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