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Jeff Hardy leaves the WWE

Last night on Smackdown Jeff Hardy said his farewell to the WWE as he lost the loser leaves town World Heavyweight Title match in a steel cage match against CM Punk. I was really happy to see Jeff have a proper send off. Over the last week he has had two incredible matches with a guy that he made a credible main eventer and made him a credible heel. So yes I am agree with what Matt Hardy said. He stated Jeff made CM Punk a credible main eventer and heel. Matt also called out some of the internet wrestling community who criticized Jeff Hardy by saying that they should respect Jeff Hardy because of what he has done for their friend. I agree with that totally. It wouldn’t surprise me if these certain internet wrestling fans are from Chicago or even wrestlers from Chicago. Chicago wrestlers are known to be assholes and know it all’s. At least thats what I have heard from people.

Anyways enough but the war of words. Jeff’s three run in the WWE was awesome. As I mentioned before he did a lot of great things in his second run with the WWE. He had some great matches with Umaga, Mr. Kennedy, Triple H, Edge and his brother Matt. Do I think Jeff will be back? Most certainly yes. His career is not over by a long shot. Jeff Hardy will be in the WWE Hall of Fame someday and will always be remembered for his rock star like entrance and his craziness in the ring.

All I got to say is Jeff, I look forward to seeing you on TV again.

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  1. "Chicago wrestling friends"?? Which Chicago wrestling friends?
    If you read the blog carefully, Matt Hardy is actually calling out to the IWC– That is not an independent wrestling promotion, its not IWA nor does it have anything to do with ROH. Its an abreviation for "Internet Wrestling Community", an it has much more to do with the internet base for wrestling fans, and nothing to do with Punk's friends.
    I agree on Matt too; the fans should be more respectful towards Jeff.
    Before anyone goes on a rampage on Punk's fans, I wanna say I am a CM Punk fan, and I really respect Jeff for all he's done for the business, wrestling and fans' sake. I hope he enjoys his time off, coz he deserves it. I can say many many other Punk fans wish the same.
    However, this has nothing to do with Punk's friends, so you should clear that up. If you do have a source where you can guarantee this is the case, please notify us =]

  2. Actually IWC does stand for something else, International Wrestling Cartel, a promotion Punk wrestled for before WWE. But you're probably right about the internet thing.

    However why would Matt blast the internet community that he has catered to for so long.

    Lastly, I have met a lot of Chicago wrestlers and they are very arrogant and think they are better then everyone else.

    I must have misunderstood what Matt was saying but I do bring up some good points.

  3. Matt clarified later on on another link to his blog post (after the WWE one was removed "mysteriously"– hmm….) that he actually loves the IWC but wishes the 5% of them he doesn't like would learn, and evolve =p
    I agree, some wrestlers can be jerks. Not necessarily just Chicago wrestlers =]
    I can list a string of names of people who are arrogant and think they are superior.
    Dude, you should really remove "CM Punk's Chicago Wrestling friends" thing out of your blog, simply because its not true. Even if some wrestlers are jerks, whenever someone calls out Punk's wrestling friends, immediate thoughts are Colt Cabana, Ace Steel and Samoa Joe, all of who have the most respect in bot the IWC and the wrestling world.
    I think I know which part of the IWC Matt was upset about. There's a large amount of fans who don't like Jeff, and don't respect him either.
    I've read alot of their stuff, and they're on Youtube, blogs, even in the WWEUniverse thing.
    I'm not a big Jeff fan myself, but he has my utmost respect for what he's been through, what he goes through to bring his fans entertainment. The way he helped Punk come on the Main Event stage is no small matter, and the dumb people who call him names should atleast respect him the way he deserves.
    *However* Its not only Jeff that is disrespected. There are a lot of people out there who if they dont like a wrestler, don't hold back from throwing dirt at him.
    Oh well. Live and let live I say. Idiots will forever be idiots, and even though I've spent a lot of time posting Youtube comments on some, I simply dont think its worth it anymore =p Nothing we say can touch them…
    Anyways, good read on your blog =]
    Jeff's three year run was awesome, and I am happy to see him getting a proper sendoff at least, along with credible reviews.

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