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AJ Styles win the TNA Heavyweight Championship.

Now this is what I call a pay-per-view. I have to say that for this month atleast, TNA put on a better pay-per-view the then WWE. I never thought I would say that but I am. No Surrender had some great matches beginning with Samoa Joe vs. Daniels for the X Division Title. A great match back and forth but Samoa Joe ended up getting the victory. Then you had D’Angelo Dinero (Elijah Burke) vs. Suicide in a Falls Count Anywhere match. Suicide took some crazy chances in this match with one costing him the match. Dinero wins and is being pushed in TNA so far. Up next was a match I was a little skeptical about between Kevin Nash and Abyss. It ended being a pretty decent match with some interference from Mick Foley and Dr. Stevie. My favorite match of the night was TNA Lethal Lockdown with Beer Money, Inc vs. Team 3D vs. Scott Steiner & Booker T vs. The British Invasion. This match was chaotic, bloody and brutal. Even though it was every team for themselves Team 3D and Beer Money worked together as well as World Elite and the Main Event Mafia. Beer Money Inc won the match and used a beer bottle along the way to do so. Up next is was the pay-per-view debut of Bobby Lashley who had a really match with Rhino. Lashley proved that he was going to be a force in TNA and it would surprise me if he eventually won the TNA Heavyweight Title. The finally the main event of the evening was Kurt Angle vs. Sting vs. AJ Styles vs. Matt Morgan for the TNA Heavyweight Championship. What a great match which saw AJ Styles pin Kurt Angle with some help from Sting to become the new TNA Heavyweight Champion. All I can say is it’s about time because AJ is the face of TNA and is still pretty young. Kurt Angle is a great wrestler but his body is starting to age and I honestly don’t think he can keep going the way he has been going for so long. Great to see AJ become the new TNA Heavyweight Champion. Now let’s see how WWE counters that at Hell in a Cell which is only two weeks away. Stay tuned because anything can happen in wrestling.

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