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Allen Iverson to the Memphis Grizzlies?

According to his twitter page, Allen Iverson has signed a contract to play for the Memphis Grizzlies. In a small market team that already includes Rudy Gay, Marc Gasol
Marko Jaric, O.J. Mayo, Zach Randolph, and Hasheem Thabeet it would be no surprise if the Grizzlies could actually compete this year. However Allen Iverson is a one man wrecking crew and guys Mayo and Gay aren’t going to just stand by and let Iverson score all the points. Iverson has a way of destroying teams like the Nuggets and Pistons. Look how much better Denver was without him and look how much worst Detroit got with him. Here is how I see the starting five for the Grizzlies this coming season

PG-Allen Iverson
SG-O.J. Mayo
SF-Rudy Gay
PF-Zach Randolph
C-Hasheem Thabeet

Last year the Grizzlies record was 24-58. I say they will go 40-42 this year that is if Iverson moves the ball around more and doesn’t play the way he always has. I think you will see a more competitive Grizzlies team this year. Iverson wants to prove he still has it and want to prove his critics wrong. And wouldn’t you know the Grizzlies open up the season October 28th against the Detroit Pistons. This should be a good early test for the Grizzlies to see what they might bring to the table this year.

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