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Baseball Players Who Use WWE Entrance Themes

I was on WWE the other day I came across something WWE posted on their website. You ever noticed when you’re at a Major League Baseball game that players come to the plate with with their own music. Well had a list put together last year and this year of baseball players who use the music WWE superstars come out as their music when they come up to bat or come into the game. So here are the lists


Joe Mauer came out to John Cena’s music “My Time is Now”
Prince Fielder came out to Triple H’s music “King of Kings”
Placido Polanco came out to John Morrison’s music “Ain’t no make believe”
Derek Jeter came out to Shaw Michaels music “Sexy Boy”
Alex Rodriguez came out to MVP’s music “I’m Comin”
Johan Santana came out to Ted Dibiase’s music “It’s all about the money”
Kerry Wood came out to Vince McMahon’s music “No chance in hell”
Trevor Hoffman came out to The Undertakers music “Graveyard Symphony”
Adam Dunn came out to Jesse and Festus’ music “Biscuits and Gravy”
Juan Pierre came out Cryme Tyme’s music “Bring Da Hood T U”
Manny Ramirez came out Chris Jericho’s music “Break the Walls Down”
Ozzie Guillen came out to Mr. Kennedy’s music “Turn up the Trouble”


Victor Martinez comes out Christian’s music “Just Close Your Eyes”
Mark Teixera comes out to Jack Swagger’s music “Get on Your Knees”
Dustin Pedroia comes out to Jeff Hardy’s music “No More Words”
Jimmy Rollins comes out to Kofi Kingston’s music “S.O.S.”
David Wright comes out to Triple H’s music “King of Kings”
Zack Greinke comes out to CM Punk’s music “This Fire Burns”
Andrew Bailey comes out to The Miz’s music “Reality Check”
Mariano Rivera comes out to The Undertaker’s music “Graveyard Symphony”
Nick Markakis comes out to Evan Bourne’s music “Axeman”
Torii Hunter comes out to Edge’s music “Metalingus”
Alfonso Soriano comes out to John Cena’s music “My Time is Now”
Lou Pinella comes out to Randy Orton’s music “Voices”

This is just a perfect example of how big of a pop culture phenomenon WWE has become. Whenever they are in a big town like Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, or any other towns with big sports team you always see players from the NBA, NFL, and MLB at their shows. It’s really cool to see wrestling and professional sports promote each other. This list of players that come out WWE music is just a small example of how big WWE is with athletes, celebrities and their fans all over the world. I guess I will have to pay more attention to baseball games to see if any of the players come out familiar music I hear on WWE. I love the concept and I love the promoting they do for each other.

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