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Bruce Bowen Retires

Yesterday after thirteen years in the NBA Bruce Bowen has retired. Bowen is well known for being a pesky defender and getting into people heads with how aggressive he was on defense. He is most notable with his time with the San Antonio Spurs where he won three NBA Championships. He was nominated for the First and Second Defensive Teams in the NBA from 2001-2008. He was also second in voting for Defensive Player of the Year from 2005-2007. San Antonio was not Bowen’s only destination. Other teams he played for include:

-Miami Heat (1997, 2000–2001)
-Boston Celtics (1997–1999)
-Philadelphia 76ers (1999–2000)
-Milwaukee Bucks (2009)

He also played in a league in France and the CBA for the following teams:

-Le Havre (1993–1994)
-Evreux (1994–1995)
-Rockford Lightning (1995–1996, 1997)
-Besançon (1996–1997)

Bowen was toughest small forward in the game that I have seen in quite sometime. There a lot of athletic small forwards in the game but he was the toughest to get by and the toughest to try and score on. He was very controversial in the way he played the game which led to a few altercations. He had a $10,000 fine for kicking Ray Allen in the back during a game in 2006. He also had some issues in the 2007 NBA Playoffs with the Phoenix Suns when his knee hit Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash’s groin which sent Nash to the floor. Bowen has has share of critics but he also had people that respected the way he played because it was different and in your face. Bowen had a good career and I am sure guys he defended are happy to see him leave. I personally will miss Bowen’s in your face style of play. It brought something different to the game and something the game sorely needed. Will the ever be another defender like Bruce Bowen? I sure hope so.

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