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The Conspiracy Theory

I was talking with a few friends last night at work and they were talking about how the Chicago White Sox let the Minnesota Twins sweep them to get closer to the Detroit Tigers. The theory was is that White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen hates the Tigers so he let the Twins beat him and when he comes to Detroit he’s going to play them tough. So this leads me to asking the question. Do mangers have personal vendetta’s against other teams and will they purposely lose to a team and help them in the standings? It sounds far fetched but this weekend the White Sox play the Tigers and we will see how hard they play against Detroit because they didn’t play to hard against Minnesota. I also find it funny that Cleveland got swept by Detroit because Cleveland always plays them tough even when they don’t have superstar talent. So could Cleveland be helping Detroit? If you think about it if Cleveland would have somehow swept them the Twins and Tigers would be in a tie right in the division.

Like I said it sounds far fetched that teams would help other teams and play tough against one team and not another. However anything is possible in sports and you really never know what these crazy managers are thinking now these days either. I could Ozzie Guillen doing something like that but I think it’s just people worried that Detroit won’t make the playoffs. Should be an interesting next week of baseball. The last week is finally here and the playoffs begin Oct. 7th and I will be covering the playoffs as well. Stay tuned to see if Detroit makes the playoffs as well as the Colorado Rockies and Atlanta Braves. This last week of baseball is going to be fun to watch.

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