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Curt Schilling Running for Senate?

As reported by ESPN yesterday, Curt Schilling is considering the possibility of running for senator for the state of Massachusetts. He would be running to fill the seat that was once held by Ted Kennedy. Curt is a registered independent and a supporter of the republican party. I would really like to see Schilling run just to see what he would be like a political figure. Schilling is a future Hall of Famer and one of the all time great post-season pitchers.

If Curt Schilling runs for senate he’ll no doubt in my mind win because of his name. Most of the time when a big name runs for a political office they usually win. For example, Arnold, and Jesse Ventura. They both were considered long shots in some peoples eyes but they ultimately won their election races. Curt Schilling is a hero in Massachusetts because helped the Boston Red Sox win two World Series titles in 2004 and 2007. He’s loved by a lot of people and Red Sox Nation could be the decided factor that gets him into office.

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  1. Good thing you didn't try to spell Gov. Schwarzenegger's last name. That would have been a train wreck…

    QUICK: Name the other Hall-of-Fame pitcher in the United States Senate…


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