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Disc Golfing 101

This afternoon I decided to try a new sport and that would be Disc Golfing. I went to go get lessons and tips from buddy and disc golf enthusiast Matt. We met up at Brewer Park in Grand Rapids Michigan. We then proceed to play the White course. Some of the things I learned about were technique, motions and keys on how to have a good game. Whats great about Brewer Park is all the holes are Par 3 so it makes it easy to keep score. I shot a 43 on the White course which put me at 16 over. I didn’t think that was to bad and neither did Matt.

We then proceeded to play the Blue course and by then I good feel myself getting into a rhythm and making better throws. The one thing I noticed that I needed to improve on was arm level. You have to keep your arm as level as possible and watch your wrist movement as well. If you can get these two things down you can be pretty successful. I shot a 36 on the Blue course which put me at 9 over over par.

Then Matt and I were joined by Joel and Mindy, who also are disc golfing regulars. I then decided that I would like to play the White course again to see if I could improve my score. I really started getting into it at this point and start having some better throws. I have to add though that the first two holes on the White course are tough, at least for a beginner like me. I shot a 39 the second time around which put me at 12 over par. I had lowered my score by four shots.

After I was done playing 27 holes I wandered over to Spinski’s Disc Golf Shop which is located near the 76th street light on Division. What a great little shop they have there. They have very reasonable and affordable prices for anyone who plays. All their stuff is PDGA regulated in case you want to play professionally. I know when I want to buy stuff I am going to go there. The people who run the store are very friendly and very helpful.

Disc Golfing is a great sport for someone like me who can’t play physical contact sports because of my heart condition. It’s fun, relaxing, and you get good exercise in with the walking you do. I hope to play a few more times this year and play a lot next year. Like Matt said to me, it’s not about how hard you can throw it, it’s about the motion and the accuracy. I was a great bowler, a good darts and horseshoes player and horrible golfer so between all the motions and accuracy in those sports I don’t think I will be that bad. So if you ever want to go Disc Golfing in the West Michigan area, email me and I will most likely join you. Hail to the game of disc golf.

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