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Allen Iverson: Quit Being a Crybaby

Allen Iverson had publicly spoke about how going to Detroit was the worst career move he ever made and how that they lied to him. Apparently he is saying that Michael Curry lied to him about the fact that he would always been a starter and not come off the bench. If you all remember it didn’t exactly go that way next year. The Pistons were struggling and Michael Curry was in fear of losing his job. In my humble opinion the trade for Iverson was the worst in Pistons franchise history. We lost one of the best players that Detroit has ever had and we got rid of him for a ball hog who destroys the mentality of every team he has ever been on.

As a Pistons fan I can personally tell you that I am very happy he is no longer on the team. The Pistons have a new look, a new team and a new attitude. The Pistons still have Tayshaun Prince, Rip Hamilton, Jason Maxiell, and Rodney Stuckey. The Pistons also added Ben Gordon, and Charlie Villanueva to the fold. I think the Pistons will be a good team but I don’t think they will be a contender. They are in rebuilding mode right now and I will give it two years and they will be back in contention. Stay tuned for more because the Pistons open up the season against Iverson and the Grizzlies. I for one cannot wait to see what happens there. The season starts on Oct. 27th. Basketball is here but more importantly Detroit Basketball is back!

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  1. Holy sh*t – I actually agree with HOllywood on something – God help us all…

    Detroit should have never gotten rid of Chauncey. I think we have to start looking a Joe D's job here – the Pistons are not going to contend for a while regardless of Gordon or Villenueva – they are both second rate players in this league. Joe D is on the hot seat – it all started with Darko!!

  2. I'm going to have to disagree with it being the worst trade in Pistons history for a couple of reasons. First, the Pistons weren't winning *anything* with the roster as it was constructed last season. Chauncey Billups is an excellent PG, but he'd just signed a 4 year/46 Million extension in July of 2007.

    Since they weren't going anywhere with the roster as it was (and they had a PG in grooming with Rodney Stuckey) they traded for Allen Iverson TO CLEAR A SHITLOAD OF CAP SPACE AFTER THE SEASON (not for some crazy expected performance for the team). Allen Iverson made 21 million dollars last season, and the Pistons knew they weren't going to be re-signing him. If you concede that the Ben Gordon and Charlie V signings were good…….well they wouldn't have been possible without the money coming off the books from Iverson.

    Chauncey Billups, like I said, is an excellent PG. But he's an excellent PG that is signed to a somewhat lengthly deal, and is in his mid 30s. If you're looking for payroll flexibility and a somewhat fresh start, you can't do it with old ass expensive players. They traded a useful piece that was signed too long, for a non-useful piece that made more money and was only going to be around for ONE YEAR.

    Joe Dumars has done a great job in his time with the Pistons. No GM is perfect (the Darko stuff sucked, and Joe D isn't the best drafter), but Joe has done much more good than bad. I think he's earned the benefit of the doubt in reshaping this team in any fashion that he sees fit. I think Pistons fans certainly owe him the chance.

    Personally, I'm excited to see how the team looks this season with a much more up-tempo and high scoring offense. If this team still had Chauncey Billups taking up cap space and aging, I'll guarantee you they wouldn't be a whole lot better than currently constructed.

  3. Also, Charlie V and Ben Gordon may be second tier players in this league. But what would you call guys like Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, and Ben Wallace?

    If you're a fan that believes in the whole "team concept", it shouldn't be too far out there that the sum of the parts is better than the individual in some situations.

  4. Okay yes I agree with getting rid of Billups contract but I would have preferred J.R. Smith or Chris Andersen over Allen Iverson.

    Chauncey is still a great player and one of the reasons I think Denver made the playoffs and made it as far as they did. That's because Chauncey isn't a ball hog who destroys a team chemistry.

    I really feel bad for Memphis for having to deal with A.I. Memphis can't be much worst. I'll be interested to see if A.I. helps or hurts their cause. We shall see

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