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Changes to Team Smackdown for Bragging Rights

After last night’s Smackdown tapings Team Smackdown has made some major changes. Before it was Drew McIntyre, Cryme Tyme, and Eric Escobar, and Dolph Ziggler. I never liked this team to begin with because of Escobar and McIntyre. Cryme Tyme was not a good mix for this team either The only one I would have kept is Dolph Ziggler but he’s not even going to be in it. Here is the five new guys who are now on Team Smackdown. The Hart Dynasty, Finlay, Matt Hardy & R-Truth will be added to the mix with Chris Jericho and Kane. That looks like more of a formidable team then the other one did. The one thing I want to see is the Hart Dynasty vs. DX because of the history there. Remember the 97 Survivor Series? I am sure the Hart Dynasty does. Team Smackdown is now a lot better then what it was initially going in. I cannot wait for Bragging Right this Sunday. It’s going to be a monumental night. Who will win the Bragging Rights for the WWE? Tune in to find out.

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