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Davenport Lacrosse Wins Three in One Day

Today I attended the NAIA Fall Ball Invite at Davenport University. Davenport played in three games defeating Aquinas College, Walsh University and Indiana Tech. Out of the 38 man roster, 10 are freshman, so they have a lot of people who returned from last year plus a few new guys that transferred. This team looks really great this year. They were a final four team in D-2 last year with a 14-4 record. They had no division loses last year. At the end of the year the were ranked #5 in the nation.

Expect them to be back in the National Title hunt again this year. Expect some big things from Jordan Richtsmeier, Kyle Anguilm, Jordy Sayers, Adam Bowers, Oliver Wade, Cedric Soubry,and Shawn Beer. I really enjoyed watching freshman Lyle Parks play today. He was great all day long. I think he’s going to make a huge impact during his time at Davenport. They also have four goalies this year who are all very good behind the net so it will be interesting to see how much playing time they.

How I can I forget about the guys on defense. The Defense is really great on the Davenport Lacrosse team and that’s a major key to their success. With all a mix of veterans, newcomers and great transfers this team is going to be hard to beat. I’d also like to point out that the Forrest Hills district produces a lot of great players that currently play for DU. Players that have come from there include Adam Boonenberg, Taylor Keyworth, Fabian Morales, Kyle Detmers, TJ Roney, Collin Hampel, Cody Cross, Sam Calrson, Brandon Peirsma, and Jordan Richtsmeier. That’s one fourth of the team in itself. It shows how dedicated that the Forrest Hills district is to it’s lacrosse program.

If you are in the West Michigan Area, you have to get out to see the Davenport Lacrosse team. They are dynamic, exciting and fun to watch. They are a special group of guys. I believe they have a legitimate shot of winning the National Title this year in D-2. Come to a Davenport Lacrosse game this season because if you’re like me you will in love with sport pretty quickly. Go Panthers!!!

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