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ESPN Fantasy Baseball Results

With the World Series just a week away I thought I’d take the time to recap my year in Fantasy Baseball. This is the first year I played and it showed. I went 5-17 and was tied for last place. However I finished in 5th place because I won the consolation ladder in the playoffs. It was a fun year even though I struggled. Here were my leaders for the year.

Home Runs- Brandon Inge with 22
RBI’s- Jorge Cantu with 61
Stolen Bases- Alex Rios with 12
Game Winning RBI’s- Jorge Cantu with 12
Grand Slam Home Runs- Russell Martin, Brandon Inge, and Victor Martinez all had one
Runs-Kosuke Fukudome with 68
Troy Tulowitzki did manage to hit for the cycle while he was on my team. That was probably the week I actually won a game.
Fantasy Points- Jorge Cantu with 109

Now on to pitching which was really my strong point this year. Here were my leaders this year in pitching

Wins- Andy Pettitte with 14
Strike Outs- Joe Blanton with 157
Quality Starts- Jair Jurrjens with 24
Innings Pitched- Jair Jurrjens with 208
Complete Games- Scott Richmond, Aaron Harang, Carlos Zambrano, Edwin Jackson and Jason Marquis all had one Complete Game while they pitched for me.
Saves- Francisco Rodriguez with 38
Fantasy Points- Jair Jurrjens with 519.

As you can Jair Jurrjens really did good for me this year and had a great year. Joe Blanton and Andy Pettite are both still in the playoffs so that proves how valuable they were to me this year. I picked up on a lot of the strategy people use in Fantasy Baseball. Obviously by my record I didn’t have a lot to brag about but it was still fun to compete. There is always next year and believe me I will be playing again next year. Until next spring, no more fantasy baseball.

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