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NFL Week 4 Recap

So week 4 of the NFL has come and gone and really not many surprises this weekend except for how badly the Jets played and the fact the Denver Broncos beat Dallas putting themselves at 4-0. The Broncos at 4-0, I never thought they would be that good. Rookie Mark Sanchez finally played like a rookie and made some mistakes against a surprisingly good Saints defense. The Lions went back to their old ways of losing and losing bad. Speaking of losing bad I lost bad again in both my fantasy football leagues. In my Yahoo league here is how it looked

Hollywood’s Rejects 156.17
Country Strong 248.61

So yeah I got killed literally. I am not happy about it. My highest point earner was Antonio Gates, Tight End from the San Diego Chargers. This puts me at 1-3 but atleast I have a win unlike in my ESPN League. My ESPN League ended up like this

Dir’s Losers (Lose)(1-2-1) 94
Hollywoods World of Sports (HWOO)(0-4) 68

My highest point earner was Pierre Thomas, Running-back from the New Orleans Saints. I also went 10 for 14 on predictions. I am still not happy with that. I only allow myself 2 wrong a week then after that I get frustrated. How about Brett Favre sticking it to Green Bay last night. Minnesota is 4-0 and are looking strong. It was a good week in football with not too many surprises I’ll have my predictions tomorrow. Stay tuned for week 5.

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  1. Joey – you might as well give up on the whole fantasy thing – 0-4, you kidding me? YOu should probably just give up on sports all together….

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