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NFL Week 6 Recap

The first thing I have to say is 59 to 0. That’s what Tom Brady and the New England Patriots did to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday in cold snowy Foxboro. It was one of the most ridiculous games I have ever seen. Brady and the Patriots tied and broke a few records in that game which we probably won’t see be done for a long time. The shockers of the week were the Bills over the Jets and the Raiders over the Eagles. The teams the remain undefeated are the Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. Maybe this could a sign of things to come. The two remaining the teams that have not won a game are the St. Louis Rams and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Speaking of not winning. It was another horrible week in fantasy football for me. In my Yahoo League here is how it turned out.

Hollywood’s Rejects 180.07
Havoc 208.50

My highest point earner was Drew Brees, QB from the New Orleans Saints. Does that surprise you? It doesn’t surprise me. Drew has been on fire all year long and I am glad I have him at the helm. Right now my record is 2-4 on Yahoo.

On ESPN it’s not much better. Here is how the week turned out on my ESPN league.

Ricky’s Dope Connect (DOPE)(4-2) 74
Hollywoods World of Sports (HWOO)(1-5) 49

My highest point earner was Hakeem Nicks, WR from the New York Giants. I had a horrible week especially with Sanchez playing horrible for me. In my predictions I guessed 9 out of 14 correctly. Still not happy with that. That makes me 57 for 76 this year. Not great but not good either. Well I will be back tomorrow with my week 7 predictions. Maybe you can all pray that I have a better week in my football picks.

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