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NFL Week 7 Recap

Well there were a lot of blowouts this week and one team is no long undefeated. The Steelers beat the Vikings giving them their first lost of the year. The Saints and the Dolphins played one heck of a game Sunday which saw New Orleans remain undefeated. The Buffalo Bills beat the Carolina Panthers which disgusts me in every way imaginable. Tampa Bay and St. Louis still haven’t won a game and Washington, Oakland, and Kansas City still look like they shouldn’t win any games period. In fantasy football this week it was better. In My Yahoo League here is how it turned out.

Hollywood’s Rejects 167.36
Just ’till Hockey 134.49

My highest point earner was Pittsburgh’s defense. This win put me at 3-4 for the year which isn’t to bad I guess. In my ESPN league I lost again but barely.

Hollywoods World of Sports (HWOO) (1-6)53
Chaaa- gers. (PAUL)(2-5) 56

My highest point earner was Ricky Williams who did some damage this week. He had three touchdowns. I am now 1-6 in the ESPN League with no hopes of even winning it. There are a lot of teams with no hope of winning. Teams like the Lions, Browns, Raiders, Rams, Redskins and the Bucs. I feel like all of those teams. The teams I want to feel like are the Broncos, Colts and Saints. They are actually getting the job done this year. Well I will be back with my predictions tomorrow so stay tuned for that.

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