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U of M vs. MSU: The Rivalry That Never Ends

Tomorrow one of the greatest instate rivalries in all of sports is happening. The Michigan Wolverines are playing the Michigan State Spartans in the most competitive sport that play in. This will be 102nd meeting between these teams and currently Michigan leads the series 67-29-5. There have been a lot of great games between these two teams. There also have been a lot of great players who have played for both colleges. Here are some of the names that have played at U of M.

Charles Woodson
Amani Toomer
Ty Law
Tom Brady
Shawn Crable
Braylon Edwards
Desmond Howard
Tim Biakabutuka

Those are just a few of the names that have played for the Wolverines. The Spartans don’t come up short on the list of talent they have had come through MSU. They have names that been very successful. Here are some of the players that have come out of East Lansing.

Muhsin Muhammad
Derrick Mason
Flozell Adams
T. J. Duckett
Kirk Gibson (yes the baseball player)
Andre Rison
Wayne Fontes
Plaxico Burress

So as you can see both schools have produced good football players who have had successful careers either in college or in the NFL. I don’t have a problem admitting that I am a U of M fan over MSU. However I do root for MSU when they are not playing the Wolverines. I like to see any team in my home state do well. This rivalry gets the most competitive when they are playing football or basketball. The fans are passionate about who they like and don’t which makes it an awesome rivalry to watch. Tomorrow another chapter will be written with players like Tate Forcier and Kirk Cousins. Both teams are headed in different directions this season. U of M is 4-0 while MSU is 1-3. It is a must win for both teams tomorrow because MSU needs to salvage their season and U of M needs to keep the momentum rolling. I cannot wait for tomorrows game. I have a feeling it’s going to be on to remember.

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  1. AHH, this post is irrelevant… It's only a good rivalry game if the teams are good… C'mon, MSU sucks and UofM struggled against Indiana!! The Western Central rivalry game is bigger than this.. Besides, realistically any school from the Big 10 is horrible compared to the powerhouse schools like USC and Alabama. MSU or UofM have no shot at a BCS title, so who really cares about this game….

  2. Fish I never said anything about the BCS title and never said anything about them being better then USC or Alabama. I will say this that it gets the some of the most attention out of any in-state rivalry in sports.

  3. Yeah… no one cares. I mean, Illinois-Northwestern is better than Michigan – Michigan State.

    I mean let's go down the list of better intrastate rivalries:

    Purdue – Indiana
    Iowa – Iowa State (even thought they're not in the same conference)
    Alabama – Auburn
    Florida – Florida State
    Florida State – Miami (Fla.)
    Kansas State – Kansas
    Oklahoma – Oklahoma State
    Texas – Texas A & M
    Utah – BYU
    colorado State – Air Force
    Arizona – Arizona State
    Fresno State – San Jose State
    Oregon – Oregon State (The Civil War)
    Washington – Washington State (The Apple Bowl)
    California – Stanford

    and the best of all…

    USC – UCLA. Not only is this an intraSTATE rivalry, this is an intraCITY rivaly.

    I defy you to find another two major college rivals in the same state, let alone the same CITY!

    Michigan – Michigan State — WHO CARES!


  4. Michigan and Michigan State is just as good as any of those rivalries on that list you posted Greg. Their are people in the state that bleed green and white and others who bleed blue and gold. The fans are so passionate about the rivalry it's ridiculous. U of M hates MSU and vice-versa. So no doubt that their are some great intrastate rivalries but of U of M and MSU is just as good as any of them

  5. MSU is not even UofM's first major rival – OSU is, so how can MSU be a rival that compares to any others on that list…. Besides, all I'm saying is that if the two schools had a chance at ever being ranked top five in the same season, then the rivalry would be that much greater. Right now, they both suck and have sucked for a while and will continue to suck for some time. The only people who care about this rivalry are those die-hards that you speak of. If it was a true instate rivalry it would gain some of the national attention that those others on the list to. The MSU UofM game was not even on national TV… what's that tell ya – nobody cares about it…

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