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What I am Thankful for in Sports

Today is Thanksgiving and I would to take the time to tell you what I am thankful for as it relates to sports. So here it goes.

I am thankful for God giving me the ability to write about sports
I am thankful that I have Hollywood’s World of Sports.
I am thankful for the UFC because it’s real
I am thankful that I am not a Detroit Lions fan
I am thankful that I am not anyone on the New Jersey Nets right now.
I am thankful for ESPN Fantasy Sports
I am thankful I have co-workers who love sports as much as I do
I am thankful that Shawn Michaels is still wrestling, so I actually have someone to root for
I am thankful for all the years I bowled in my life
I am thankful for Mike Illitch and the late William Davidson for trying their best to bring greatness to Detroit Sports
I am thankful that Hulk Hogan has made one more comeback
I am thankful that my girlfriend likes sports, atleast somewhat anyways
I am thankful for West Michigan being a great sports area
I am thankful for sports bars such as Buffalo Wild Wings and Uccello’s
I am thankful that Allen Iverson no longer plays for the Pistons
I am thankful that Grand Rapids has two sports radio stations
I am thankful for my Dart board, it’s always a good stress reliever
I am thankful for my Carolina Panthers jerseys, even though I have a Jake Delhomme Jersey
I am thankful that everyone in my neighbors love sports
I am thankful for sports in general, competition is always fun.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and God Bless.

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