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FIFA World Cup 2010 Brackets and More

Yesterday ESPN aired the drawings for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Brackets. There are 8 Brackets with four teams. The top two teams from each bracket move on to the round of 16. Here are the groups and times everyone plays. Just so you know the month and days are flip flopped for all Universal readers and the times are set at the Eastern Time Zone. The World Cup kicks off in June.

Group A
11/06 16:00 South Africa vs.Mexico
11/06 20:30 Uruguay vs. France
16/06 20:30 South Africa vs. Uruguay
17/06 20:30 France vs. Mexico
22/06 16:00 Mexico vs. Uruguay
22/06 16:00 France vs.South Africa

Group B Match
12/06 16:00 Argentina vs. Nigeria
12/06 13:30 Korea Republic vs. Greece
17/06 16:00 Greece vs. Nigeria
17/06 13:30 Argentina vs. Korea Republic
22/06 20:30 Nigeria vs. Korea Republic
22/06 20:30 Greece vs. Argentina

Group C
12/06 20:30 England vs. USA
13/06 13:30 Algeria vs.Slovenia
18/06 16:00 Slovenia vs. USA
18/06 20:30 England vs. Algeria
23/06 16:00 Slovenia vs. England
23/06 16:00 USA vs. Algeria

Group D
13/06 20:30 Germany vs. Australia
13/06 16:00 Serbia vs. Ghana
18/06 13:30 Germany vs. Serbia
19/06 16:00 Ghana vs. Australia
23/06 20:30 Ghana vs. Germany
23/06 20:30 Australia vs. Serbia

Group E
14/06 13:30 Netherlands vs. Denmark
14/06 16:00 Japan vs. Cameroon
19/06 13:30 Netherlands vs. Japan
19/06 20:30 Cameroon vs. Denmark
24/06 20:30 Denmark vs. Japan
24/06 20:30 Cameroon vs. Netherlands

Group F
14/06 20:30 Italy vs. Paraguay
15/06 13:30 New Zealand vs. Slovakia
20/06 13:30 Slovakia vs. Paraguay
20/06 16:00 Italy vs. New Zealand
24/06 16:00 Slovakia vs. Italy
24/06 16:00 Paraguay vs. New Zealand

Group G
15/06 16:00 Côte d’Ivoire vs. Portugal
15/06 20:30 Brazil vs. Korea DPR
20/06 20:30 Brazil vs. Côte d’Ivoire
21/06 13:30 Portugal vs. Korea DPR
25/06 16:00 Portugal vs. Brazil
25/06 16:00 Korea DPR vs. Côte d’Ivoire

Group H
16/06 13:30 Honduras vs. Chile
16/06 16:00 Spain vs. Switzerland
21/06 16:00 Chile vs. Switzerland
21/06 20:30 Spain vs. Honduras
25/06 20:30 Chile vs. Spain
25/06 20:30 Switzerland vs. Honduras

I am not much of a soccer fan and don’t know much about the sport but I think it’s really cool that the sport is celebrated worldwide much like the Olympics are. The festivities and atmosphere were awesome for drawings. I can only imagine what they will be like for the actual World Cup. I will be covering the World Cup on this site and keep everyone updated on the results and match ups taking place. The only guys I know of are Landon Donovan and David Beckham so I guess I will be watching what those two do in the World Cup. For now thats all on the World Cup. If any breaking news happens regarding the cup I will post it on here so check back often.

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