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WWE TLC Predictions

Tomorrow night is WWE TLC which means Tables, Ladders and Chairs and it is the last WWE Pay-Per-View of the year which hopefully they go out with a bang like they did last year. Here is the card with my predictions for tomorrow night.

World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker vs. Batista (Chair Match)
This match will definitely be a great match because these two always have a good matches. I love the fact that Batista is heel again because it makes more indestructible and more of a monster. A guy of that size should be used that way. I think Big Dave is going to be World Heavyweight Champion once again.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Sheamus (Tables Match)
This one is hard to read because everyone is thinking the obvious and that Cena will win. Even I think Cena will but as they say expect the unexpected. This will be Sheamus’ toughest test to date and it will prove if he can hang with the best.

Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show vs. D-Generation X (Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match)
DX has done it all in singles competition and have held the Tag titles with different partners but they have never held the Tag titles together. TLC is in San Antonio, Texas the home of Shawn Michaels so I have a feeling DX is going to win and make history once again.

Intercontinental Champion John Morrison vs. Drew McIntyre
John Morrison has been a great IC Champ but he needs to be pushed for the World Heavyweight Title so I think Drew McIntyre will walk out as the new IC Champ and further his career even more headed into 2010.

Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton
This feud has been very fun to watch because no one has gotten the best of Randy Orton quite like Kofi Kingston has. Kofi Kingston is one of my favorite guys to watch and think he will continue his push and defeat Randy Orton. I am also thinking Legacy will split up as well. It would be about the right time to get split them up. It’s definitely run it’ course.

Women’s Champion Michelle McCool vs. Mickie James
I don’t care about this match but I say Mickie James will win this match and be Women’s champion once again.

ECW Champion Christian vs. Shelton Benjamin (Ladder Match)
This will be the match of the night and it will probably steal the show. Christian has been on a great run since returning to the WWE 10 months ago. He’s been champion for seven of those months and has had some great matches. Shelton Benjamin has never held a World Championship but is definitely deserving of it. I think Christian retains though and looks for the next challenger to come his way.

Some great matches for tomorrow night and I am sure their will be a lot of mayhem going on in these matches. It’s a good way for WWE to go out in 2009. Hopefully the PPV is as good as it looks on paper. Tune in to find out what happens at TLC.

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