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NFL AFC and NFC Championship Predictions

This week determines who goes to the Super Bowl and who goes home. This maybe the most boring playoffs yet because all but two games were blowouts. All four team have a ton of momentum right now and it’s going to make both games very competitive. I slept on it and thought about what is going to happen or what could happen. So here we go, let’s get down to business.

AFC Championship Game
New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts
The Colts were well on their way to a perfect season when they put in their second stringers and pretty much let the Jets win and helped the Jets get into the playoffs and also preventing the Broncos and Dolphins from getting in. The Dolphins and Broncos are two of the teams that gave the Colts a run for their money when they won those 13 games in a row, proving the point to me that the Colts didn’t want to face either team. I firmly believe that move alone is going to come back to haunt them because the Jet defense and running game is running on all cylinders right now and I believe the Jets want to prove they can beat them with all of the Colts starters playing. The Jets weren’t suppose to be in the playoffs and they weren’t suppose to beat the Bengals or Charger. Well guess what? They are not suppose to beat the Colts either but I believe they will and move on the Super Bowl. Shonn Greene will be MVP of the AFC Championship game. That’s my prediction for the AFC Championship.

NFC Championship Game
Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints
I’ve been waiting to see this match up all year long because they didn’t play each other in the regular season. In my humble opinion that Saints have not seen a good and consistent defense all year whereas the Vikings have. I believe the Vikings defense will exploit Drew Brees once and for all and Brett Favre will exploit the Saints defense, something that no one has done all year long. Favre is the master of making defenses look bad. Just ask everyone that’s played against him this year. They both have the same amount of weapons but in my opinion Brett spreads the ball around more and any receiver of his can come up big on any given day which tells me that all of his receivers will come up big this Sunday. The Vikings will win a nail biter and put themselves in the Super Bowl. Brett Favre will be MVP of the NFC Championship game.

So there you have it, my prediction will be the New York Jets vs. Minnesota Vikings in the Super Bowl in Miami. Check back Sunday Night or Monday morning for my recap on both games. I cannot wait for Sunday and the great football that awaits us.

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  1. ummm. WRONG. The Steelers were the first team out. The Dolpins finished 2.5 games back and the Broncos finished 1.5 games back. The Colts are not afraid of either of those teams. They did NOT lose to intentionally keep anyone out of the playoffs. If anything NE and Cincy both lost to keep Pitt out. The Colts are a class organization from head to toe and dont play that game. Why do you thing that they were afraid of either of those teams? They beat them both. So it was close…alot of the Colts games were close.
    You are an idiot. You know next to nothing about sports. ESP. NLF or college football. I read your posts to laugh at how dumb you sound.
    Go ahead and pick the Jets…I cant wait to read what you write after the Colts beat them by 14.

  2. You know, I love how people post anonymously because they are really afraid to voice their opinions.

    Read the headline on my blog…Controversy Doesn't Come Without Criticism. You like many others play right into my mentality.

    I'll admit I am a bit partial because I have never liked the Colts and probably never will. I am over it so why don't you get over it as well.

  3. James i agree with your outstanding description of the colts organization. i believe they are a class act and the fact that bill polian put this team together and has held it together for the last ten years shows a lot to the great consistency that happens in indy. players get hurt or leave and the organization replaces him and they keep on moving forward. however you dont need to be rude and call joey stupid.

  4. theories that are as fraudulent, biased and just plain wrong on so many levels as this post is deserves to be ridiculed and insulted.

  5. I think we can all agree that Joey is not too bright… And just check his fantasy stats to see that indeed he does know nothing about sports… I whipped his A$$ in every sport but NASCAR – Joey, where are all the NASCAR posts??

  6. Well, as always, Joey is absolutely wrong and Skip Bayless is right. And it never fails that FISH beats HWOO in fantasy sports once again by locking up a victory in the Gridiron Playoff Challenge!! Joey, you better get off the VikQueens bandwagon now…. Back to the Panthetics and Matt (Misti) Moore huh…. Better luck next time!@!

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