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ECW is Done, Now Called NXT

Last night Mr. McMahon announced that in three weeks time ECW would cease to exist. He said it would be replaced with a new innovative show called WWE NXT which stands for Next Generation. One can only imagine that a lot of Florida Championship Wrestling stars will be on this show. I for one am glad it’s not called ECW anymore because it wasn’t the same ECW that ran in the 90’s. ECW stood for hardcore, and violence but it was also about heart, passion and leaving everything in the ring. That was not the same ECW I’ve seen on SyFy over the last three years. WWE did a great job with destroying the name of ECW. I really hope this NXT turns out to be good because if it doesn’t then a lot of great wrestlers will be out of a job. WWE needs to get together. It’s the Road to Wrestlemania right now and this is the time to get it all together. Stay tuned for more on all of these changes and what they’ll look like.

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