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The Greatest of All Time? Part 2

I wrote about this last summer, but I feel I need to write about it again because of what people are saying. People are stating that Peyton Manning the greatest Quaterback of all time. How can you call someone the greatest Quarter back of all time, when the rules and the way the sport’s played changes every once in while? I don’t doubt Manning is the greatest of his era, but of all time is a stretch. Many great players have come and gone, and there are players that will come in the future. No doubt they will be the greatest of their era.

In basketball you could make a case for Michael Jordan being the greatest. Take a look at who came before him. Players like Magic, Bird, Chamberlain, and Kareem. Then look at those who came after him. Players like Kobe and Lebron. They were all great players during their eras, but you can’t say they are the greatest of all time.

How can you determine who is the greatest of all time in baseball? For nearly 20 years there were steroids and in the years prior there weren’t.
Bonds, McGuire and Clemens were all great in the steroid era. How can you discredit those who didn’t use steroids? Should they be considered the greatest of all time, even though their numbers weren’t as high as those who used?

In Nascar, some say that Jimmie Johnson is the greatest driver of all time. He’s won four Nextel Sprint cups in a row making him the greatest.
Petty and Earnhardt have won seven cups without the chase. I am sure if Petty or Earnhardt had their points reset with 10 races left they would have won more cups. Mathmaticaly Johnson would only have one cup to his name if the old points system was still followed. So tell me now, who is the greatest?

You can make the case in hockey, golf, bowling or any other sport for that matter. A player can be the greatest of his team or of his era. Maybe even the greatest in the fans eyes, but at the end of the day no one can be called the greatest of all time. I dare anyone to try and justify making that statement about anyone.

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