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Mosley and Mayweather to Fight on May 1st

Well Floyd Mayweather Jr. is fighting again but it won’t be against Manny Pacquiao. On May 1st h he will take on Shane Mosley who is the current WBA Welterweight Super Champion. He will be defending that title when he faces Mayweather. All of us know Mayweather’s credentials but Mosley is no slouch himself.His record is 46-5-1 with 39 knockouts. He has held numerous titles including:

IBF Lightweight Champion
August 2, 1997 – April 17, 1999

WBC Welterweight Champion
June 17, 2000 – January 26, 2002

WBC Junior Middleweight Champion
WBA Junior Middleweight Super Champion
The Ring Junior Middleweight Champion
September 13, 2003 – March 13, 2004

WBC Welterweight Champion
Interim Title
February 10, 2007 – October 1, 2007

WBA Welterweight Super Champion
January 24, 2009–present

He has even defeated one of the all time greats in Oscar De La Hoya. Floyd probably think this fight will be easy but Mosley stated that he is still hungry and his hunger could overcome all the speed that Mayweather has. As for the Mayweather’s original opponent Manny Pacquiao, he has a fight himself coming up on March 13th. He will be taking on Joshua Clottey in Cowboy Stadium for the WBO Welterweight title. I have heard that over 20,000 tickets have been sold for the event. Even though Manny and Floyd have new opponents I still believe no one will care about boxing until they fight each other once and for all. I really think it’s ridiculous how everything went down. Maybe someday both men will get their act together and give the fans the fight they want to see. Only time will tell if that ever happens.

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  1. The spectacular fight "mayweather vs mosley" on May 1. I hope after this fight of

    mayweather, the pacquiao vs mayweather will soon be settle. I want to watch out who

    will be the best boxer , will it be pacquiao or will it be mayweather.?

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