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Super Bowl XLIV makes TV history

If there were any doubts about the Saints being America’s team; they were put to rest on Sunday. Super Bowl XLIV was the most watched TV program in television history. The Super Bowl beat out former record holder M.A.S.H. when 106 million people tuned in to watch Sunday’s game. There have been a lot of TV shows and none of them have even come close to the record. The companies with adds during the Super Bowl must be extremly happy, because their products were seen by the entire country.

Congratulations to the Colts, Saints and the entire NFL for making history. This is monumental and the number of viewers is going to make this a very hard record to beat. I don’t know of anything at this point that could beat the record setting numbers seen by Super Bowl XLIV. New Orleans should be proud and America should be proud. This a wonderful story with many faces and heroes. Super Bowl XLIV and the 2009 New Orleans Saints will never be forgotten. Their legacy will live on forever.

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