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WWE Discontinues Survivor Series After 23 Years

When I read this yesterday I was totally shocked and in disbelief. After 23 years WWE is dropping one of it’s big four pay-per-views Survivor Series. I remember why the Survivor Series was created to begin with. It was created because people wanted to see Hulk vs. Andre again after their epic battle at Wrestlemania 3. The first PPV revolved around Hulk, Andre and who they had on their team. Survivor Series is known for it’s elimination tag team matches that bring certain stars together for one night. There have been some memorable moments have happened at Survivor Series. I would like to share a few.

The first one that comes to my mind is when The Undertaker made his debut in 1990. It was the beginning of a great career and a great legacy that is still continuing today. One year later in 1991 he defeated Huk Hogan for the WWE Championship.

Next was when Shawn Michaels won the first Elimination Chamber in 2002 and in the process won his third World Heavyweight Championship. It was his first title in over four years. It was a great night and it was one of the few times I got really excited about wrestling after the Monday Night Wars.

I know there are a lot of moments in the 23 year history but in 2001 when WWE took on ECW/WCW for control of the company, it was awesome. The invasion angle of ECW/WCW had been going on for six months and it provided wrestling fans with some great television. WWE obviously won the match but the suspense was really awesome. In my opinion this is when the great era of wrestling ended and it got boring and stale, which continues on today.

I believe WWE is making a huge mistake by getting rid of one of it’s traditonal PPV’s. They are going with more themed PPV’s like Street Fight, and War Games. WWE really knows how to please it’s fans. If they keep this up a lot of fans are going to switch over to TNA Wrestling. I don’t agree with this decision and I really think it’s going to hurt WWE in the long run. What next, getting rid of Royal Rumble and Summerlam? Someone please shoot Vince McMahon and who ever else is maing these decisions.

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  1. BRING BACK SURVIVOR SERIES!!!! Oh please, oh please, I don't know what I'll do without my beloved SURVIVOR SERIES…. Here's an Idea:

    In place of SURVIVOR SERIES, WWE could do a HWOO RUMBLEY DOO.. For those of you unfamiliar with the ol' HWOO RUMBLEY DOO, it's quite simple. You have a PPV main event – including all the big time superstars and have the infamous Hollywood (you're not to bright are ya Joey?) Williamson as guest referee. Then all hell breaks lose as the superstars turn their attention to the ref. They incorporate all of the past PPV themes including a 15 on 1 Battle Royal taking place in Steel Cage where it's no holds barred…
    Needless to say, by the end of this PPV, poor HWOO is beaten to a pulp by everything from the ringside bell, to a barbed wire wrapped steel chair.
    Now that's an event I'd pay $70 bucks to watch!

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