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TNA Impact Recap- 3/4/2010

This week on TNA it was a busy week for a few stars. The show started out with Ric Flair and AJ Styles attempting to apologize to Hulk Hogan for their actions. They were going to give him four women. Hogan declined and was ready for a fight. Eric Bischoff came out and said AJ would defend his title against The Pope, Abyss, and Desmond Wolfe later on in the evening.

The first match of the evening was a fatal four way tag team match that had Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me vs. Beer Money Inc. vs. World Tag Team Champs Matt Morgan and Hernandez. All four teams had some involvement but it was Beer Money getting the victory after miscommunication between Morgan and Hernandez. These two teams will face each other at Destination X for the title tag titles.

Eric Bischoff has made Jeff Jarrett’s life a living hell as of late. He’s made him a cook, a janitor and puts him in matches that he feels that Jeff can’t win. Jeff got jumped by Sean Morley but then defeated Tomko later in the night. How much longer with this feud go on.

The next match was X Division Champion Doug Williams vs. Global Champion Rob Terry. Terry made short work of Williams but Magnus and Williams double teamed Big Rob. The British Invasion has officially imploded. I honestly think Rob Terry is going to be a big star and will go a long way. Look for more big things to happen with Big Rob

The Main Event of the evening was a World Heavyweight Championship Match: Desmond Wolfe vs. Poop Dinero vs. Abyss vs. AJ Styles(c). This was a pretty good match with everyone getting involved. AJ eventually made Pope give up then an all out brawled ensued when Hogan came in cleared house. He used a barbwired baseball bat for the first time ever and hit Flair twice. The show ended with both sides wanting at each other.

On Monday TNA goes live and will be on Mondays for now on. I think it’s going to be great and I think wrestling fans will be in for a great night. Stay tuned for more and keep reading my Impact recaps.

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