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Wrestlemania 26 Results and Recap

Last night at Wrestlemania 26, careers and lives were changed forever. A lot of things happened that I didn’t think were going to happen. Thr first match of the night was John Morrison and R-Truth taking on the Unified Tag Team Champions, The Big Show and Miz. It was a solid match for both teams but in the end Big Show had the knockout blow.

The next match was the triple threat match between Orton, DiBiase and Rhodes. This match went exactly the way I thought it would except for the ending. I really thought DiBiase would have won the match but Orton took out Rhodes with his signature punt and pinned DiBiase after an RKO. Both DiBiase and Rhodes gained some much need experience and will now go on to have pretty good singles careers. The viper proved again why he is still on top of his game.

The biggest shocker of the night came during the Money in the Bank. I really thought Christian would have won but he didn’t. During the match Kofi, Christian, Evan Bourne and Matt Hardy all did some great moves off of the ladder. In the end, it was Jack Swagger who captured the Money in the Bank briefcase. That was huge and I honestly didn’t think it was going to happen. Jack Swagger can now cash the briefcase in at anytime for the WWE or World Championship.

One of my favorite matches of the evening was Triple H and Sheamus. I really didn’t have high expectations for this match but it was really awesome. I thought Sheamus was going to beat his off-screen mentor but Triple H proved once again why he is the game and he is that damn good.

CM Punk had been torturing Rey Mysterio for weeks but on this night Rey Mysterio got his revenge. Rey beat Punk in a solid match to keep Rey out of the StraightEdge Society. Rey Myseterio hasn’t lost a Wrestlemania match since 2004 which I find that pretty impressive.

Bret Hart waited 13 years to get his hands on Vince McMahon, and with help from the Hart family, he destroyed Vince for a good 10-15 minutes. I for one didn’t particularly care for the match because it was all one sided and all about Bret. I do like the fact that the Hart Dynasty got involved. That will probably bring their careers to new heights. Bret Hart went out on top the way he should have all along.

The next match was for the World Heavyweight Championship. Champion Chris Jericho took on challanger Edge. This match definitely had a different outcome then I expected. Jericho retained the title with a Codebreaker but Edge destroyed him after the match. I thought the match was done very well and both Canadian born superstars proved why Stu Hart trained some of the best wrestlers in the world.

The most pointless match of the night was the 10-Diva Tag Team Match which saw Vickie Guerrero pay tribute to her late husband Eddie Guerrero and actually hit a frog splash, which was the finishing move of Eddie. It was a good match but I didn’t think it needed to be on Wrestlemania. They should have used that time to put towards Punk/Rey or the triple threat.

The WWE Championship match between John Cena and Batista was way better then the match they had at Summerslam back in 2008. I think the reason being is because the buildup was better, and that Batista was such a great heel. I think this was one of the best matches that either one of them have had in awhile. Cena countered the Batista bomb with the STF to win the WWE Championship once again. It was a great night for all those who love John Cena.

Then the match of matches, the streak vs. the career of Shawn Michaels was the main event of the evening. This match was truly an emotional match to watch. Both men for the second year in a row put everything on the line and left it in the ring. A lot of people didn’t think this match would be as good as last years but in my opinion I thought it just as good as last years. They hit their finishers multiple times on each other but in the end the defiant Shawn Michaels was hit with the Tombstone and hit with the fact that his career is over. After the match Undertaker helped Shawn up and embraced him in the ring letting Shawn have his moment. The show ended with Shawn walking up the ramp and taking one last bow.

I really felt Wrestlemania 26 was better planned out then Wrestlemania 25. The reason Wrestlemania 26 was better is because the best match was the last match. It seemed like all the matches were great and then they had Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels at the end to make sure it didn’t overshadow the rest of the card like it did last year. The only other time a non title match was the main event at Wrestlemania was at Wrestlemania 8 when Hulk Hogan took on Sid Justice. Obviously that match doesn’t even compare to what Shawn and Taker did last night. I would rate Wrestlemania 26 8 out of 10. Wrestlemania is over and now it’s time for the fallout to begin tonight. Who knows whats going to happen. Stay tuned.

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