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Thoughts on Kyle Busch Go-Kart Challenge

Two days ago I went to Craigs Cruisers to take part in the Kyle Busch Go-Kart Challenge and it was a lot of fun. I attempted to qualify for the race twice and was unsuccesful but I spent most of the day talking to four of the guys who did. They were funny to talk to and enjoyed their time in Grand Rapids. All the local media was there as well Bret Bakita, and Bill Simonson from “The Huge Show.”

It was a decent turnout on Tuesday but there are two things that could have made the event better. The first thing is they should have a lot more radio/tv advertising for it. Not everyone has Craig’s Cruisers on their facebook, and not everyone gets on facebook. The second thing is that they should have arranged it for a different time like during the evening they would have gotten a better turnout.

Like I said it was a lot of fun. Craig’s Cruisers has a great facility and a great staff. If you’re ever in the Grand Rapids area, I would suggest going there. It’s a great time. Here is a video clip of the race that took place on Tuesday.

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