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What I’ve Missed This Summer in Sports

Well it’s been a very busy summer for me and I would like to first apologize to all of my readers for not writing a lot this summer. So here are my thoughts of all the things that have happened this summer.

I obviously wrote about Lebron James a while back so there is no need to go into great detail about that but they have added some nice pieces to the big three. Teams like Orlando, Boston, and Phoenix.

Stephen Strasburg has become an instant phenom in baseball. This guy has been really impressive and I really think he will have a great future in baseball. He is not the only rookie in baseball that’s done some great things. The Detroit Tigers have Austin Jackson, and Brennan Boesch who have been very key to how good the Tigers have been this year.

As most of you know, Cliff Lee got his wish and got the hell out of Seattle. He is now pitching for the Texas Rangers who are in first place in the AL West. Speaking of surprises, I am really shocked to see Atlanta, Cincinnati, and San Diego do so well. It’s about time some of these teams do good. The trade deadline is 8 days away so it will be interesting to see what happens. Stay tuned for more one that.

Earlier this month Brock Lesnar made his return to the octagon and defeated the very talented Shane Carwin. People have had their doubts about Lesnar but I believe most of them have been put to rest. Brock doesn’t fight again until the fall.

My favorite part of this summer was July 4th weekend when I watched Dale Earnhardt Jr. get behind the wheel of the number 3 Wrangler Jeans Chevy which was a replica of what his dad drove earlier in his career. It was so great to see Dale Jr. go to victory lane in the Nationwide race that night. If it was the last time we see the number 3 then it went out the way it should have. I am really glad that Dale Jr. did that for his dads fans. His dad would be very proud of him.

As far as my fantasy sports are concerned, I’ve totally slacked off. My baseball team is dead last in my league. I missed the British Open, haven’t played Streak for the Cash or even saw how I did in the World Cup games on ESPN. I am going to get motivated and start focusing on my sports writing again. I am going to be back better then over and more opinionated. Thanks everyone for your patience. Keep on reading.

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