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Bobby Lashley vs. Batista in the Works for Strikeforce

Even though Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker won’t give us much detail, he has been talking to former WWE start Dave Batista about coming to Strikeforce. After Bobby Lashley’s brutal loss to Chad Griggs it seems more apparent now that a Lashley versus Batista fight in the cage is very likely.

Before Saturday night, Lashley looked like a dominant force but he realized what MMA is all about. I think Lashley has a bright future in MMA but needs to actually have a game plan when he goes in there. It’s not all about knocking someone out. I think Lashley could be as dominant as Brock Lesnar if he has the proper training and technique.

Batista on the other hand has been training in MMA for quite some time but has no fight experience. Batista does have raw power and has some quickness about him. Do I think he could be a good as Brock? No because he’s too old and has had to many injuries.

It’s just a matter of time before these two lock horns inside an octagon and not a wrestling ring. Who would come out the victor? Well you wouldn’t be able to read the dirt sheets to find out.

It should also be noted that Scott Coker is in talks with former ECW owner Paul Heyman about doing different projects. Heyman has also been in talks with TNA Wrestling. Check back for more on where Paul Heyman ends up next.

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