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Brett Favre Returns…Again

It took three Vikings players and an airplane to get him there, but Brett Favre arrived in Minnesota yesterday and announced he would be returning for his 20th and final season. He practiced Wednesday and said he hope to play this Sunday in preseason.

He said he owed it to his team but is that why he really came back. I think he came back for the attention, for the money and to stick it to Green Bay one more time. They were a couple of plays away from the Super Bowl last year so he thinks he can do better.

It remains to be seen if Brett can recapture the magic he had last year with the Vikings. They still have the same team intact except for the lost of Chester Taylor but I think the Vikings will be fine. If Percy Harvin can stay healthy and Adrian Peterson can hold on to the ball, I think the Vikings chances of making it to the Super Bowl will be good. Stay tuned for see what happens.

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