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New Leadership Needed in Detroit Sports

At four this afternoon when the trade deadline was done, I reazlied that now more then ever, three out of the four teams in Detroit need new leadership. Let’s start with the Tigers. Dave Dombrowski should have been on the phone the night Magglio Ordonez went down, trying to make any deal he possibly could to get two possibly three hitters. Over the last three years, the Tigers have been idle at the deadline and it has resulted in them coming up short. You look at all the moves teams made, and teams that are worst off then the Tigers came out better. My other biggest problem is Jim Leyland. The guy was great his first year but some of his moves are very questionable and have been for quite some time now. I think Dombrowski and Leyland need to be let go at the end of the year. One trip to the World Series doesn’t give you the right to be stupid for the next four years after. It’s offcial as of today, the Tigers season is over.

Next up is the Pistons and how they sat idle this off-season as well. They signed their draft pick and that’s it. There were a lot of good players out there that would have been nice additions to the roster. Joe D doesn’t deserve that much credit for the success of the Pistons. He had a lot of help from the late Bill Davidson and the late Chuck Daley. Drafting Darko, and trading Chauncey Billups or two of the dumbest things that have ever been done by a team. I don’t think the Pistons are going to be good again for a while. They built their future around Ben Gordon and Charlie V. That should tell you something right there, because I could think of 10 guys better that they could have signed. Detroit Basketball is in some trouble the next few years.

Then last but certainly not least, you have the beloved Lions. They have a President who likes to drink and drive, and an owner who could give a crap less about the team. They don’t know what an offensive line is, they draft underrated Quarterbacks, and the good guys they do have leave once their contracts expire. I mean 0-16 was embarrassing two years ago. I just wish the Lions would sign players in their prime, not the ones who are washed up. The day the Lions return to the post-season I will celebrate big time and I am not even a Lions fan.

I can’t really complain about the Red Wings because they have been successful since like 1997. They are starting to get old and need to get younger otherwise they are going to struggle like they did last year. I know they have good leadership and will do what they have to so they can win.

Sports in Detroit are starting to decline with all the bad decisions and the economy the way it is. However these owners are millionaires who should be doing whatever it takes to win. Detroit is a good market and a good sports town. Their fans are also great and deserve the best.

Please Detroit give us your best, because we the fans deserve it. A change is needed, and it’s needed now.

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  1. Every expert says otherwise. He did what he could with what he had last year. Every indication points to him improving.

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