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Thoughts on the Direction of TNA

After this past weeks TNA Impact it is more clear that TNA is headed in a new direction. Watching TNA this past week reminded me of the ECW, WCW and WWE of the 90’s. That great era consisted of great matches, chaos and unpredictability. I know it’s taped and spoilers get out but the chaos that took place at the end Impact was definintely felt. The rivalry between Fortune and the rest of TNA has only just begun.

Right now you have everything in the 90’s and plus all the great young talent that TNA has. You have Ric Flair’s new Four Horsemen, the old ECW guys and some of the old WCW guys. I really think with all the intriguing stories and matches TNA could start to make some headway. I really think TNA is doing what it can to keep with WWE and just maybe the momentum is turning in TNA’s favor. I would really like to see TNA become a legit threat to WWE and force WWE’s hand to give us better wrestling.

If you’re a wrestling fan, especially of the 90’s start watching TNA because in my opinion it is the better wrestling company at this point in time. Stay tuned because things are going to get good.

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