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Thoughts on Hard Knocks: New York Jets

Although Tom Brady may not be watching Hard knocks with the New York Jets, I am sure any true NFL fan with HBO is. I’ve watched the first three episodes of the show and have really liked what I have seen. I really have a new found respect for football players and what they have to go through on a regular basis. Sure they make millions of dollars but they go through a lot during camp, practices and during the regular season.

I am definitely enjoying the show because the Jets are one of my two favorite teams in the NFL. I really enjoy watching Mark Sanchez, Braylon Edwards and Shonn Greene. A lot has been said about Darell Revis and players talk about it too. I really like what I see this year in the Jets. They got some depth on offense, and the defense is going to be strong again with the return of Kris Jenkins.

Hard knocks is definitely a great show to watch for all sports fans, but especially if you are a football fan. So if you HBO look for it On Demand.

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