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Thoughts on TNA Impact and Reaction 8/19/2010

So after watching TNA again this past week I’ve come to the conclusion that they are trying to get the “Attitude Era” wrestling fans back. The biggest piece of news is that RVD was forced to vacate the title due to the attack by Abyss. The 8 man tournament began with four men advancing. At No Surrender the semi finals will feature Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle and The Pope vs. Mr. Anderson. The winner of these matches will go on to Bound for Glory to wrestle for the TNA Heavyweight Championship.

Ric Flair’s group Fortune continues to run wild. They challenged Dixie Carter’s authority and attacked Kevin Nash, Sting, Jeff Jarrett and Hulk Hogan. Doug Williams had a great match with Kurt Angle and AJ Styles had a solid match with Tommy Dreamer. The show ended with EV 2.0 fighting with Fortune once again. Abyss attacked Dreamer and had two seperate confrontations with Jeff Hardy.

TNA’s new show Reaction is really awesome. It goes backstage and behind the scenes with the TNA wrestlers and personel. It airs after every Impact and gets the fans more involved. I think it’s great to have right now because of the Fortune and EV 2.0 feud.

TNA is getting crazy and exciting. These WWE loyalists need to wake up and smell the coffee and realize TNA has the better product and the better stories right now. I can tell you that Fortune is better then Nexus and the angle is better as well. Keep tuning every Thursday night to see what happens next.

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