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The Cheating Yanks

Over the last two weeks there have been two separate incidents with the New York Yankees and how they play the game. Both have been against division rival the Tampa Bay Rays. The first incident was when a pitcher from the Rays pitched inside to Derek Jeter, and hit the knob of his bat. You could see it, and hear it. Jeter pretended to hurt his hand in order to get on base.

The second time is when a ball hit the dirt on a pitch and Jorge Posada pretended to hurt his foot claiming the ball hit him. If you see the replay, it’s clear as day it didn’t even coming close to hitting him. I can tell you this, Joe Maddon the manager of the Rays was extremely angry and I don’t blame him. They are both in the middle of a pennant race and they pull that garbage. The said thing is Jeter admitted the ball didn’t hit him. That’s just not right by any means.

If was Major League Baseball I would have fined both players for faking something like that. Now if I was the opposing manager I would have instructed my pitcher to hit them as hard as they could and give them something to complain about. I have never liked the Yankees but this fuels my hatred for them. I use to respect Derek Jeter but I have lost a lot of respect for him for trying to cheat during in a game.

Major League Baseball need to take some sort of action against the Yankees. I am just appalled that you would even try and get away with that knowing that it’s going to be shown ESPN and the analysts are going to make you look bad. Hopefully something will come out of this because it’s not right. Stay tuned for more on this matter.

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