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The Current State of WWE

I am going to start off by saying that this past weeks Smackdown had the best ending to any WWE TV show since the night Ric Flair had his farewell after Wrestlemania 24. That was nearly 2 and a half years ago. Bringing Paul Bearer back and having a great feud with Kane and Undertaker has actually had me interested again. However that doesn’t make up for all the wrong’s WWE has done.

Yes I have complained about no blood and PG but it goes beyond that. The fact we have had the same wrestlers, and same matches shoved down our throats for nearly three years is getting old. I see some similarities with the attitude era right now. WWE did their best to shove The Rock down our throats but it was Stone Cold who became the real superstar and the real legend of that era. I see it now with WWE shoving John Cena down our throats but in the end Randy Orton is going to be the Stone Cold of this era. WWE fans have always loved an anti-hero and that’s what Orton is.

The things I applaud WWE on are making Bryan Danielson a champion and finally recognizing great talent. I always like the idea of unifying the U.S. and Intercontinental Title as well as the WWE and World Heavyweight Title. It would make those titles a lot more prestigious then what they are now.

WWE has a lot of creative problems right now. They need to create new feuds, new stars and go back to the old ways of a good wrestling match where if there is blood then so what. Remember the old saying blood, sweat and tears. WWE doesn’t have that attitude anymore. WWE has the mindset of predictable, boring, and stale.

WWE dropped a whole point last Monday in the ratings and that should tell you something. Don’t blame it all on Monday Night Football. The fact of the matter is, people are disinterested and bored with the product. Eventually no one will be watching at all. Hopefully someday WWE will get back to what they once were. In the mean time I am bored and disinterested with WWE and until they start showcasing the right talent then I will start being interested again. Good luck WWE, because right you need it.

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