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Is an NFL lockout coming?

Before Thursday nights game between the Vikings and Saints players from each side stood on the field to salute each other and the fans because of the talk of a lockout out in 2011. It could very well happen if the owners and players can’t reach a compromise on a new collective bargaining agreement. On Mike and Mike in the morning yesterday Mike Golic and Marcellus Wiley got into a huge debate about if the fans care about the collective bargaining agreement. I can tell you this much, if there is a lockout in 2011, I think it’s really going to hurt the sport much like the strike of 1994 hurt baseball. There was no World Series and it screwed a lot of people like Tony Gwynn, Matt Williams, and Carlos Baerga who all were going for records. It really screwed the Montreal Expos who had the best season ever in their franchise. They were never the same and they eventually became the pitiful Washington Nationals.

If a lockout happens in the NFL, it’s going to do a lot of damage. Advertisers, people who work at the stadiums and for teams will be losing money and people will be out of jobs. That is the last thing we need in the economy.

The players say they aren’t greedy but I say they are. People spend a lifetime trying to make what these guys do in one game. They need to stop and think about how lucky they are to make the money they are. At the same time I know the owners aren’t any better. Some of these players do sacrifice a lot to play. They sacrifice a good portion of their year playing the game and making the owners even more money.

I would really hate to see a lockout happen but the talks are getting more serious and if you ask me fans, players, etc. should be worried. Only time will tell if a compromise can be made. Stay tuned for more on this story.

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