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NFL Week 1 Preview

The NFL season is upon which means a lot of writing for me to do. Each week I will pick the four best games and let you know what I think is going down. So here we go, the NFL season begins.

Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints
The rematch from last year’s NFC Championship game should be an interesting one. The Vikings have a lot of question marks right now mainly with the Bret Favre and the receiving core. With the Saints, I think they are too predictable and they will be exposed this year. Do I think they will make the playoffs? Yes because their division is weak. Do I think they will win this game? Yes, because I don’t think Minnesota’s offense is in-sync at the moment. I am taking the safe bet and going with the Saints.

Cincinnati Bengals at New England Patriots
This game will have the three biggest hot-heads in the game. On one side for the Bengals you have T.O. and Chad Ochocinco. For the Patriots you have Randy Moss who has had his problems in the past too. The Patriots defense is banged up and we really don’t know how well Wes Welker is going to play. I think the Bengals have more depth and more weapons on both sides of the ball, so I am picking the Bengals to beat the Patriots in a very competitive game.

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans
Every year people say watch it for the Texans but this year I think it rings true. They have a killer defense which shut Dallas down in the preseason and the offense it’s coming into it’s own with Matt Schaub. I think you will see an upset by the Texans the first week of the season.

Baltimore Ravens at New York Jets
This is going to be a great match-up. The Ravens have added Boldin and still have Mason, Rice, and McGahee. Their defense is still outstanding and will push the Jets to the limit. Speaking of the Jets, I think they are going to be a superb team. They have added Tomlinson, Holmes and on defense they added Taylor and Cromartie. I am personally sick of hearing about Revis and when he’s going to play. One guy does not make the entire team. He’s a great player but he’s not the entire team. Rex Ryan has a way of firing his team up so I am going with the Jets to win their home opener at the new stadium.

There you have it for my top four week 1 match-ups. Check back each week to see what my top 4 games of the week are and who I think is going to win.

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