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NFL Week 1 Review

Well the first week in the NFL is officially in the books and there is a lots to talk about. First why don’t we start with how the Lions got robbed out of a great game after Calvin Johnson made the game winning touchdown that was called an incomplete pass. The Lions would have had their first road win since 2008 if they would have won that game. The Lions defense looked great.

Green Bay was putting points on the board against Philly until all of a sudden, Kevin Kolb got injured and Michael Vick came in. Vick came in with a huge deficit and almost brought the Eagles back to win. If Andy Reid were smart, Michael Vick will be the starter until he plays bad.

My two upsets of the week were Houston over Indy and Kansas City over San Diego. Both have a great young teams with great talent. I look for both teams to make some noise this year.

The game of the week turned out to be a defense struggle and offensive nightmare. The Jets and Ravens really didn’t make any huge plays on offense except for a few big passes from Flacco to Boldin. The score ended up being 10-9 with a Ravens win. The play calling for both teams on offense was just horrible. It’s great that they have dominant defenses but if they want to win, they are going to have to put points on the board.

In terms of how I did in fantasy this week, I have three teams and the scores were like this.

Hollywood’s Rejects 158.78
Country Strong 184.80
My player of the week on this team was Chad Ochocinco

Uncle Jack 145
Hollywood’s Rejects 198
My player of the week on this was Peyton Manning

Hollywood’s Rejects 45
Team Edwards 69
My player of the week for this team was Anquan Boldin

Week 2 will be here before you know it. Check back in tomorrow or Thursday for the week 2 preview.

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