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NFL Week 2 Preview

Well week 2 of the NFL season is coming soon. It should be interesting to say the least. Here are my four games of the week in no particular order.

(1-0) Baltimore Ravens at (0-1) Cincinnati Bengals
Well the Ravens just came off a game where defenses played tough and offenses struggled. The Bengals were embarrassed and Carson Palmer did not look great. I think the Ravens offense is going to kick it into gear and beat the Bengals easily.

(1-0) New England Patriots at (0-1) New York Jets
A lot of trash talking already between the two teams. There’s Brady, Revis and Moss who have all made comments about each other or the opposing team. The Jets offense looked bad Monday night against a great defense and New England’s offense looked great against a very week defense. I think the Jets are going to back up their talk this week and beat the Patriots. Mark my words they will take advantage of a young Patriots defense.

(1-0) Houston Texans at (1-0) Washington Redskins
This match up is intriguing to say the least and because of how great Houston looked great last week I think the Texans will beat the new look Redskins. McNabb and company did not look all the great against Dallas and barely escaped with a win. Houston has always had the defense but it appears their offense has finally come around. Houston all the way.

(1-0) New York Giants at (0-1) Indianapolis Colts.
Manning vs. Manning is the marquee and after last week I am going with the younger and now more superior quarterback, Eli Manning. Peyton Manning is not Peyton Manning anymore. The new rule of having the official stand behind the QB is really affecting Peyton. He my have put up great numbers last week but it didn’t get the job done. Eli on the other hand, was solid even though there was 3 interceptions but his team won. He and the Giants got the momentum and that momentum will carry through on Sunday.

There you have it, check back on Tuesday for my week 2 review of the NFL. Maybe I can bring happier news to Lions fans.

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