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NFL Week 2 Review

Well what week it was in the NFL. The Cowboys, and Vikings lost again putting them at 0-2. The Lions almost win again and Houston is 2-0. Their are a few things that really impressed me this week. The first being Michael Vick starting at Quarterback. He looked good and torched the Lions defense a few times. Great job by Vick who goes back to the bench this week, which I think is crazy but it’s not my team and I am not the coach.

The second thing that impressed me was the one-handed catch Randy Moss made against the Jets. If you haven’t seen this catch yet, look it up somewhere because he made it look easy. I was happy to see the Jets win and show everyone what kind of team they really are. Unfortunately this morning Braylon Edwards got arrested for a DWI so that will probably hurt the Jets big time.

The Kansas City Chiefs are 2-0 which is awesome, because I had a feeling they were going to have a decent year. They had a good draft and off season and it’s start to show. The 49ers played the Saints tough last night and was really impressed with how they played on both sides of the ball. Look for the 49ers to make some noise this year.

Well now on to the fantasy part of the week. I would say I had a really bad week.

Hollywood’s Rejects 231.70
Jerfeous 169.20
My player of the week for this team was Donovan McNabb

Hollywood’s Rejects 59
My player of the week for this team was Michael Vick

Rohan Blazers 178
Hollywood’s Rejects 173
My player of the week for this team was Peyton Manning

Well we know which Quarterbacks had a great week. Hopefully I will have a better week this week. Check back tomorrow or Thursday for my week 3 preview.

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