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NFL Week 3 Preview

Well week 3 is upon us in the NFL season and I will be curious to see how Philly does now with Michael Vick as the full time starter. I really think he gives them the best chance to succeed. Jimmy Clausen is also going to be starting this week for the Carolina Panthers. It should be interesting to see how these new quarterbacks do for their teams. So on to my four games of the week.

(1-1) Atlanta Falcons at (2-0) New Orleans Saints
A lot of people are not giving Atlanta much of a chance but I think an upset is coming. The Saints offense is starting to be figured out by a lot of defenses and I think the 49ers are the first ones who have come close to exposing their offense for what it really is. Now with Reggie Bush injured, they are going to have one less option to go with. I say Atlanta in a nail biter.

(0-2) San Francisco 49ers at (2-0) Kansas City Chiefs
This game is very intriguing to me because both are very dynamic in different ways. I really think the 49ers should have beaten the Saints and for that I am picking SanFran because they are hungry for a win. The Chiefs will put up a good fight but the 49ers will get their first win of the season

(1-1) New York Jets at (2-0) Miami Dolphins
Miami maybe 2-0 but look who they played. Two teams who really aren’t that good. Now they have to face the New York Jets who just won big against the Patriots. Obviously I am going with my New York Jets even without Revis. Jets all the way and another former Michigan QB gets taken down again two weeks in a row.

(2-0) Green Bay Packers at(2-0) Chicago Bears
Someone is going to have 1 lost this week and I think it’s going to be the Bears. Green Bay has looked tough especially the defense they have. I am taking the Pack over the Bears and Green Bay will be 3-0 at the end of Monday night.

Those are my predictions for the week. Check back for my review on Tuesday.

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