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NFL Week 3 Review

What a week it was in the NFL, with lots of close games and one upset that has people talking. I’ve said it all preseason long and I am saying it again, the New Orleans Saints have been figured out. If they play against a tough defense they will not win. No one could figure out how to stop their high-powered offense from last year but now they do. Atlanta proved that on Sunday. However it did not help that Reggie Bush was injured and now Pierre Thomas might be too.

The Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys got their first win of the season. Brett Favre still managed to suck and beat the Lions at the same time. Dallas finally showed up to play against Houston but I don’t think the win will gain them any momentum.

There are only 3 undefeated teams left which is less then last year at this point. They are Pittsburgh, Chicago and Kansas City. If you would told me these three teams would be undefeated I would have called you an idiot. This is a total shock for me considering the issues the Steelers have, the inconsistency from Jay Cutler(which obviously has been corrected) and how bad the Chiefs were last year. I am sure all three teams will lose won pretty soon but you never know.

I did very well in fantasy football this week, I won with all three teams.

Team farmer 137
Hollywood’s Rejects 233
My player of the week for this was Peyton Manning

Get Right 79
Hollywood’s Rejects 125
My player of the week for this team was Austin Collie

On a side note, I scored the most points out of any other team on both of these leagues. I was pretty impressed.

Hollywood’s Rejects 262.83
Old Man Rodgers 192.01
My player of the week for this team was Austin Collie

Make sure to check back tomorrow or Thursday for my week 4 preview and predictions.

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